Quote of the Day

Friday, April 1, 2011

don't hang your heart

Don't hang your heart
On things, on love
A name, a face, a place
On dreams of yesterdays
Cause things will fade
And things will start
Don't hang your heart on anything
-Chris & Thomas

Sometimes decisions can just be so hard. Sometimes you find yourself suddenly faced with so many different paths in front of you and only a moment to choose, and the indecision and fear of turning down the wrong way can be paralyzing. And it is precisely here that I know I need to sit still a moment and listen to the words of loved ones, reread the personal epiphanies I occasionally stumble upon in my bloggish ramblings and remember the lyrics of a song I haven't listened to in well over a year. And they are saying: don't hang your heart on any one choice, any one place or idea of how things are supposed to work out. Because there can be no "bad" decisions made in this positive step for change, only different ones. And I can't know what different affects each choice may have on my life, the various ways they may take me. It's like those "choose your own adventure" books except in life there's no going back and choosing different endings. And that can be terrifying, but you know what? It's also ok. Because I know that wherever I end up I am still me, and whatever path I go down I have love, hope, free will. The choice to be happy. And that's the most important decision of all. Don't hang your heart on anything, when there's so much possibility in the world. Instead let it fly free to capture every fleeting, unexpected moment of joy that it may.


  1. I was really disappointed that this post didn't somehow end with "April Fools!". Oh well.

  2. hah! I may occasionally be a bitter-sarcasm-spewing hippy-at-heart, but I am still a hippy-at-heart, and hippy always wins out.