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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

and I managed not to put my back out

I consider the occasional rearranging of a room, much like a life, absolutely essential. Which is why I now find my bed uprooted and perpendicular to where it originally resided, allowing for my newly acquired Tamara deLempicka "La Dormeuse" print to be hung above it and making room for my long awaited window seat to finally happen in the nook that looks out onto lovely Waller Street (so I can be serenaded by crazy Russian ladies and witness events like the drug bust that happened outside my house last night from the comfort of my very own window nook!) And all the while greatly increasing the chances of me NOT waking up shivering from being surrounded on three sides by poorly insulated window panes that let the icy San Francisco morning air in to torment me.

Ah, room rearranging. A purging, reorganization, enabling of new perspective. Yes, I suppose it's true that we humans are creatures of habit, but we are also incorrigibly restless beings who, whether actively or subconsciously, crave change. We may as a whole be creatures of habit, but habit also can breed contempt. Maybe that's why we seem to so often cling to habit, to the familiar: because we like to complain and bitch and play the victim, all while acting as if there's nothing we can do about it. Or maybe it's because we're lazy, or because we just don't know what else to do. Maybe we're too scared of change, or maybe we just don't know how.

I do know that change is seldom easy. But like most difficult things in life, it is inevitable, and essential to growth. And it's not always something we have to just passively accept; we can take the reigns and make positive change happen in our lives every day, if we choose. So even if it's a seemingly tiny, inconsequential thing like getting a haircut, picking up a new hobby, spending a Saturday volunteering, cleaning out your closet and giving old stuff away, or rearranging your furniture, I say: embrace change. Thrive in the new point of view it gives you, however subtle, however seemingly unimportant. And for the love of god, please change your socks and underwear every day. We all appreciate it. Really.

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