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Thursday, January 28, 2010

toot toot the adult net room!

I don't check my comments very often. Well ok, I don't get very many comments to begin with... but when I do, I tend not to notice for a while. So the other day when I happened to look I was surprised to see that I had a comment in Chinese... or Japanese (and here I must apologize for my ignorance as I am not familiar enough with either to differentiate, especially in typed form)... anyway, some sort of foreign Asian language, and was somewhat touched that my post had apparently moved this stranger to comment, although they were not comfortable enough writing in our language to post in English.

Yes, ok, occasionally I can be a bit naive. Yahoo Babelfish was kind enough to inform me that apparently my post had moved someone to post an ad for an adult website. Who knew my writing would have quite that effect? My immediate reaction was to erase the comment, but just as my cursor was hovering ominously over the "delete" button, I decided I just couldn't do it. It was just too hilarious to send off into internet purgatory. It was like a slightly ridiculous little inside joke between me and... well, myself. Or another reader in the slim chance anyone else should see it and get curious (and/or bored) enough to make use of the the internet's wealth of online translators. Or else maybe people would see it and think that I'm just so cool that foreign people read my blog and feel compelled to comment lengthily.

And what do you know... it would seem my blog is actually prime advertising space for Asian adult websites, because--Booyah!--I got another one today. I don't feel it necessary to share the entirety of the translated text, after all, that might ruin the mystery. Suffice it to say that it promises a wealth of such variety as "the beautiful woman room", "free movie onlooking", "777 adults", "the adult article", my personal favorite "toot toot the adult net room"... and other such things of a "free" and "adult" nature. Well, that is if you're looking for the Chinese version. The Japanese version turns out to be much more exotic, with such attractions as the "heaven room", "lust shadow piece", and "exemption expense shadow one 觀 watching". Whatever that is. I couldn't really tell you, but it sounds intriguing.

Anyway, I've decided that sadly, I must delete these comments soon, before I become widely known as an online porn trafficker. So all of you with secret Asian porn fetishes out there, get your fill while you can. Unless of course I can manage to contact them and get them to pay me for advertising space. That's a whole 'nother story.


  1. oh man, this post is going to attract so many more pornlookers!

  2. Geez Aimee, what will I do when I can't use your blog as my personal porn filter‽

    Is it so bad having your site associated with "the beautiful woman room"? Seems accurate in the right context.

    I think if it were me, I'd just try to carry on a fake conversation so people thought I could speak Chinese.