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Thursday, August 13, 2009

gimme some sugar

Have you ever found yourself in the clutches of what I like to call "Instant Karma"? I was hit with a mild case this afternoon at Starbucks when, immediately after helping myself to several generous handfuls of raw sugar packets at the milk bar (What? The office was out and they don't sell it at Walgreens!), I found myself treated to the kind of exceptionally poor customer service you write home about.

Halfway out the door, my grumbling soliloquy on the innumerable merits of doing one's job efficiently and pleasantly was interrupted by the realization that I just may have brought my bad service upon myself by angering the Gods of Ethical Behavior with my klepto ways. Then again, this is
Starbucks we are talking about, so maybe this incident really didn't have that much to do with the Karmic Forces of the Universe after all...

Either way, I still think they owe me a few lousy sugar packets after the shameful amount I've spent on overpriced drinks throughout the years (not to mention the four months of barely-over-minimum-wage servitude).
Ef off, Karma, this is between me and Starbucks.

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