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Friday, March 27, 2009

where is my mind?

I really wanted to write today.  So many thoughts swimming around my head this morning that I wanted to get down before the sneaky little bastards wriggle away.  But when I finally took my lunch break at 3pm, absolutely nothing would come.  I knew my mind was probably just exhausted from about 4 straight hours of entering credit card bills in Quickbooks, trying to learn as I go, but it didn't stop the tiny paranoid voice in my head from screaming, "Run, run for your liiife!", convinced that all the creativity was being slowly but surely sucked from my brain to make room for accounting and finances and bills, oh my.  It's a scary feeling for me, being so focused on it that I can't seem to manage thinking about anything else.  Unable to even concentrate on reading my book, about all I could manage was to put on some music and stare blankly at the computer screen.  I've really got to get this stuff down so it stops screwing with my mojo.  All I can say is Thank God It's Fucking Friday.

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