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Thursday, October 14, 2010


All of a sudden my head is whirling with possibility, body longing for grass and sky, mind for creative outlet. There is still next to no free time but I can almost see the light of the end of the tunnel, and all of a sudden I can think of a million things I want to do...

Get up early on Saturday to make homes and plant things in the ground. Slap on some sneakers and go on a hike. Take museum trips. Go to shows and get lost in the music. Make snowflakes. Learn to surf, rejoicing in surrendering myself to the waves. Read War and Peace, lying in the sun. Build a window seat. Strum my uke 'til my fingers hurt. Take a hoop class and dance in the park on a Sunday afternoon. Dip my toes in nerve-numbing ocean. Bust out my long- neglected acrylics and paint, colors exploding like fireworks in my mind, spilling onto blank canvas as synapses spark.

And suddenly, I feel rejuvenated, because through the exhaustion and the confusion, I feel inspired. I am alive. The world rocks me gently, whispers: "Be well, go forth, create."

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