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Sunday, June 21, 2009

lucky girl

To grilled cheese with herbs. Pictionary and make-believe games and waffles with chocolate sauce on a Sunday morning. To running ahead and not having to look behind me to know he's there. To building swing sets and playhouses, merely for the reward of seeing childish faces lit with smiles. The smell of homemade pizza sauce filling the house on a Saturday night. To passing on a dry sense of humor, a quiet way and a temper that is quick to flare but passes swiftly like a summer storm. To teaching the meaning of self-discipline by example and not by lecture. To having opinions but never judging. To fostering creativity. To giving help, whenever asked, and giving space when needed, without me having to ask. To the jokes Mom never gets, but we do. To being my calm in the storm that is our crazy family. Here's to you, Dad, and all those like you: Happy Father's day. I'm a lucky girl to have been raised by you.

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